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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Disastrous Fire - 1, old family land - 0

Craziest thing tonight - an impromptu fire occurred in our town just a few blocks over from home. Turns out, it was the land that our 2nd child had been born on. The house itself had been taken down a few years before, but the old, grumpy-yet-stoically aged barn and the rugged trailer had remained. Today, the both joined the old home in forms of ash and rubble.

12 other homes have also been lost thus far tonight in a neighborhood nearby. It seems this fire is moving north. Had it moved west we'd have been evacuated and displaced, but instead, we sit here mourning the loss of a place filled with memories for two families, five children, four dogs, and a couple of lazy owls that made home in that barn. Someone needs to tell the Punk House residents.

Thank you, Washington Street, for providing a place for punks, country singers, newly-in-love couples and small children alike to call home and feel safely tucked away.

Our prayers and safe wishes go out to the families who have lost their homes and treasures tonight...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Past, Present and Future - I must be in my 30s

Ever have one of those odd, non-life shattering, mid-life crisis moments when you question everything...

- Do I like my job? Really, really like my job and can I do it forever as an employee?
- Am I a decent mother, or did I just screw 3 innocent little beings by forcing them to succeed despite my efforts to not mess them up too much?
- How did I get so old so fast without noticing?
- Wait - am I actually old? NO! I'm too young to be this sedentary!!!
- Do I act too old or maybe I'm so young and naive to realize how fresh I really am?
- Oh crap! I just started worrying perhaps I can't cook as moderately ok as I think I can?
- Are my 3 kiddos growing up too fast without me noticing? Is that why I can't complete one scrapbook???
- I'm not missing a life-changing opportunity by working instead of staying home right?
- I'm not a bad mommy because I'd rather work than be a SAHM, yes?

Can't be the first time a mother has thought these... just thought I'd note them down tonight...

~ Simone

Oh Monday, you have let me down!

Ugh, ugh, ack.

What a gross Monday already, and we've only just begun.

The Bad News:  Yesterday's marinara sauce hit me like a steam boat and I was up all night facing the repercussions of having avoided tomatoes for a year (pregnancy and all). Ick.

I have a Department Head meeting today at work to discuss the next three months, and none of all three can I even begin to consider since my immediate future continues to hold for me a reservation with the porcelain god.

THEN, after that Department Head meeting I get to do a round with the Team meeting. Oh great. Now I get to fake just how happy I am to hear everyone's opinions. And to think that there was a special request for us all to have happy, open minds... My mind is open for sure, but my bathroom door - not so much. Ick.

Oh Monday! How you hate me so.

The good news: baby didn't not wake up once during my dates with said porcelain god. That means Murphy (and his laws) can piss off! hah!

AND - Middle Child woke up so pleasant and happy and bouncy! A rare treat indeed!

Ick. Back to remind said porcelain god I haven't forgotten how to find him. Must be a 'him' if I feel this icky.