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Monday, August 23, 2010

Past, Present and Future - I must be in my 30s

Ever have one of those odd, non-life shattering, mid-life crisis moments when you question everything...

- Do I like my job? Really, really like my job and can I do it forever as an employee?
- Am I a decent mother, or did I just screw 3 innocent little beings by forcing them to succeed despite my efforts to not mess them up too much?
- How did I get so old so fast without noticing?
- Wait - am I actually old? NO! I'm too young to be this sedentary!!!
- Do I act too old or maybe I'm so young and naive to realize how fresh I really am?
- Oh crap! I just started worrying perhaps I can't cook as moderately ok as I think I can?
- Are my 3 kiddos growing up too fast without me noticing? Is that why I can't complete one scrapbook???
- I'm not missing a life-changing opportunity by working instead of staying home right?
- I'm not a bad mommy because I'd rather work than be a SAHM, yes?

Can't be the first time a mother has thought these... just thought I'd note them down tonight...

~ Simone

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