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Friday, July 23, 2010

A Shout Out to All of Us Inspiring Moms Out There!

New to this blog thing, I've been researching, digging, and devising my way through a world I thought would be so much simpler. Do you know what I've found?

An underworld that is rising to the top, cram-filled with absolutely amazing, intelligent, thoughtful, and adoring mothers who are finding time to create a community for each other to lean on.

Who knew that Mommy-blogging was the new black, the nouveau thing to do? I shake my head in disbelief because at one time darnit, I was the trend-setter. The Fire Plug, The Mover-and-Shaker girl. ME!

I digress. Because today I have gained perspective. And today, I pay homage to all of the women out there who take a moment in between board meetings, dirty diapers, lost shipments, fights with their husband, and passed up young dreams to share their day-to-day lives with the rest of us.

Thank you, ladies. I can only hope that one day I, too, will be in that glorious collective sharing and inspiring others the way you have me!

I can't post them all, so do a little research! You'll be glad you did... but in the meantime, here's a sample of those that I love:

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How Can A 5yr Old Rule The World?

Yeah, I don't know either.

Daughter is absolutely in control. And she's very good at it, too. A five yr old with an incredible sense of dominance and management, she blows away Son.

Do note, I have always managed some business or another, despite being a full-time mom to two or three. So I get the idea of organization and a position of authority. I reallllly do. But at five years young? REALLY?

And to top it off, she could care less whether we find her amusingly irritating, pushy, flat out rude, or otherwise. She could care less whether the strange 12yr olds at the park found her abrasive when she told them how to play in the sand under the slide. Daughter doesn't care how Son feels when she orders him around to clean her room for her. She's amazing! Pure confidence, not a sway of uncertainty.

Trouble with that story I just rambled on about is that all I can do is ramble on about it. This girl is on a mission. How on Earth will I survive this one? I have been asking myself that a lot lately. It's like, I gave birth to some extra strong broad from Jersey and now she's preparing to move to a new planet where life is really hard and she needs to thicken her skin to survive. It's insane!

Don't get the wrong idea, this gal can be so adoring and gentle and sweet. She loves to cuddle, sing, draw, and dance. And she's a kitten around her baby sister!!!

And then she turns on ya! Ever have one of those cats that love to be pet only to, for no good reason, turn on you and scratch the crap outta you? Me too. She was sent to Australia to live a happy life with my sister.

So I shrug in resignation. She rocks, and I'm sure someday she'll be president, or ruler, or goddess. I don't worry her constitution is too fragile for the real world, and I have no fear she will do just fine with men when she's older. I just hope I live through it all to see it come full circle!