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Monday, August 30, 2010

Here's to new beginnings, ends of eras, and hopefully - a new mortgage!

Tis the end of a crazy summer. We become possessed as Little League zombies pushing through the life of baseball until mid-July. We traveled four states and gave the newborn babe in our lives a very thorough West Coast tour/welcome. Then finally, happily August hit.

And so did wedding preparations for Husband's sister. She's marrying her favorite gent from London and is hosting this occassion at the Grandma's grand home in Maine! That means we get to go!!! Sad thing about it, Grandma didn't make it to the wedding date in Sept... L.J.E. passed away, quite gently, a few days ago and thus we now are adding the celebration of her life and a memorial to prove it to our itinerary.

Oh right - don't forget the business trip to Boston smack dab in the middle....

With so many things to celebrate and a few things to meander and mourn, I can safely say, PLEASE SUMMER - JUST BE DONE NOW!!!!!!!!

I'm ready for school to start, schedules to meld together, and life to become a bit normal. But not (please no, not until) we are officially pre-approved for our home loan on a home that we have found and fallen in love with. It's wonderful and spacious and oh-so-us!!!  So we have become "pre-qualified" and are hoping to put an offer in soon.....

Cross your fingers! I'm can promise mine are!

Happiest of labor days, everyone. Be safe and don't forget to remind your people you love them!


  1. Stoppin' by to let you know, You are getting an award. It will post tomorrow so you have all day to enjoy it!!

    I think you are great! Hope all goes well and I am glad school has started, we've been so busy.


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  3. OH MY GOSH! Thank you so much! I had been on intermission as we've been thru school starts, weddings, babies births, a funeral and a few business trips! (That sums up September!) WOWZA! Thanks again!

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