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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pregnancy Parking is Overrated??? I do apologize, BUT I contest!

Ever been pregnant, or are currently pregnant, and feel like getting irritated. Great! Read THIS!

Now I'm quite certain this Jeanne Sager has children and is likely a lovely gal. But I have to simply call BS on this one.

As a mother of three, and through none of which did I EVER come across Pregnancy Parking, I'm in awe that Ms. Sager feels compelled to toss out the idea that we should rid what little efforts are being offered here to those bustling about with an additional 40 lbs+ on their frontside just because she's irritated no one is stepping up to help her now! As if being a mom of womb-liberated children is suddenly so much harder. Oh BS! Stop whining!

I do agree that it sure would be nice if stores didn't try harder to appeal to my kids than to me, but I chose to bring them there. And SURE, wouldn't it be lovely if they had special ways to make being a parent-slash-shopper easier, but really? Pick on the gal who can't hold her pee for more than 2 min? Come on, lady! A little compassion, please.

May I also rant about how many shoppers have children, mostly in tow with them? This makes the nice soul's life behind us w/out kids (and w/out the economy sized package of paper plates, wipies, bubbles, etc.) suck much worse than those of us who, intentionally or by accident, now have children. We parents ARE the majority here, thus making a 'Parents Only' lane pretty much what we see and deal with everyday.

Instead, I offer Ms. Sager a new idea. How's about a "Mom Got A Sitter So Get The Heck Outta My Way" line. Now THAT'S an idea I can get behind. Yes, I've taken the time and effort to spend $6 on my (and my community's) sanity so I can fly through a store and get only what I choose to get. I won't be convinced of extra fudgescicles, or hot dogs, or two watermelons so the kids won't fight over them. And I don't really want to spend my time waiting on the poor mom who is struggling with her kids to be patient because they are waiting on another family's full cart to get checked through. I wanna FLY ON THROUGH!

(To her credit, she did ask our American society to consider more supportive avenues when coddling us mothers, i.e. adequate maternity leaves and pumping stations.)

So thanks, Ms. Sager, for giving me a reason to think this idea through. And if you ever eradicate the Pregnancy Parking in your town, coulda send it over to mine? Because I sure as heck would love that for all of my ladies who are waddling around right now!


  1. Who is this lady??? Obviously childless!

  2. I have 4 children and the "theys" didn't provide these wonderful stork parking spots until my 4th baby. I have to say I was VERY appreciative to have this luxury because my extra weight wasn't from bon bons but from protecting and growing a human being in my body and quite frankly it IS much like a temporary handicap when you consider your entire body acts and behaves in ways that are not normal for you..... anyone who doesn't like these space is welcome to park in the back 40 and shut the heck up!

  3. I am following you through Bloggy Mom's - man, this lady was harsh. It was this side of a year ago that I had a huge belly (and butt) and was waddling from the car to the store. Albeit, I don't live in America anymore - but what I wouldn't have given to have a pregnancy parking spot or line at the grocery store. Thankfully, often there were kind souls that would let me go ahead of them in line.

    You know, if you look hard in life you will always find a reason to bellyache about someone who has a better break in life than you. And I have a feeling of they had put in "family parking" and a "family line" at the grocery store complete with that "blank wall" she would have found something wrong about it.

    Frankly, I appreciate "Corporate America" for always thinking up more ways to be competitive and cater to their shoppers. Especially now that I no longer live there. Living in an ex-communist nation makes me appreciate it all the more.

  4. haha! I'm just speechless, honestly. I had four, but I didn't need the Pregnancy parking because I didn't want to walk. I wanted the parking so I wouldn't have to drag the other three with me across the miles of parking! How 'bout more of those parking for mothers with small kids? Wouldn't that be nice! Let's protest...or something...oh I know, let's go get some ice cream at the mall!