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Saturday, July 31, 2010

flower girl or princess? the debate has begun.

I've been trying to explain to my 5yr old that her aunt's wedding, coming up here in a little over a month, is an occasion to celebrate many things. First and foremost, it's to celebrate the married union between Aunt and Uncle. It's a celebration of love, and life, the future, etc. etc. etc. You get the point. She, Ms. Flowergirl in this said wedding, does not.

She insists it's a chance to show everyone she's a princess, and she's expecting princess treatment, too. Now, I know your instincts will be to respond with a version of "Oh, how cute! She's only five, and she'll get her role when she gets there" but I'm pretty sure you're underestimating the power of this girl. She is quite controlled and impressively mature in her perspective and when she says she's a princess at the wedding, she means A PRINCESS. She doesn't want the cute/slightly dismissive pats on the head topped with the occassional "Aren't you a pretty princess!" Nope. I'm pretty sure she's expecting her own makeup artist and dressing room.

Sooooo.... I'm working on a new approach to her understanding it's a day she's a part of, not her day. Because I am unwilling to share Aunt's day with a 5 yr old who stomps around with tears and screams about how no one is listening to what she wants. Unwilling.

Ideas are welcome.


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  2. I have no advice since I do not have a little girl. At least not yet. Good luck with this situation.

    On the brighter side I have nominated you for a blog award!! Stop by my blog to see how to accept the award!

  3. Hmmm.... that's a tough one. Is she involved in any of the wedding planning? Maybe a final dress fitting field trip with the bride-to-be?

    By the way - - love your blog and tweeting with you!! I nominated you for the versatile blogger award - -so if you have a minute and want to check out my thoughts about your blog, head over to:

    Looking forward to more conversation. :)