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Sunday, November 7, 2010

6 Kid Snacks Adults Can Love... Guilt-free. Take THAT Yahoo! News!

As I compulsively checked my home page of Yahoo! as I checked one of many email addresses I manage, I came across an article titled 6 Kid Snacks Adults Can Love. So I checked it out because hey, who am I kidding? I'm as busy as the next person and I love to snack, so why not?

Then I found out that even the weakest ideas can grab a meager paycheck from a published highlight on Yahoo! news... LAME.  So I challenge the Almond peanuts, string cheese, prepared trail mix, bag o' potato chips flavored in classy ways, and Quaker granola bars... I applaud the thought that perhaps buying prepared foods might simply be something we all do (secretly too often during high-stress moments)... and then I offer you another list of slightly less boring and hopefully somehow a little purer of snacks, free of preparation, full of fun, flavor and nutrition....

Clif Z Bars - fantastic, flavorful, often has some version of chocolate, and the kids just LOVE EM!

Pirate's Booty - Seriously tasty (my fave? Aged white cheddar), you can even grab the tasty veggie kind, and who doesn't love to use the word Booty each and every day?

Annie's Bunnie Fruit  - gummy, fruity, and bunny shaped. Need I say more?

 Envirokidz granola-like bars - ridiculously, ridiculously good. I eat more than my kids do, seriously! Try the Lemur flavor, with its peanut goodness drizzled with chocolate... Mmmmm!

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