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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's exhausting, this mother/wife/friend/employee thing, and frankly - I need a vacation.

Is it so bad that I'd love to ditch every one of those above responsibilities and bail for a few days?

Leaving behind gleefully:
  • kids 
  • husband
  • dogs
  • housework
  • emails
  • text messages
  • phone calls
  • paperwork
  • employees
  • cars
  • clocks
  • paved roads
Because I'd do it, in a HEARTBEAT, if I could only get the time to scrape aside $900. Seriously.

It's been such a pre-season, session-cramming, busy 2010 that everyday I sit at my desk and longingly flirt with a gift certificate of $125 to a day spa that I received  in May. IN MAY, folks. That was nearly four months ago.

And to top it off, life got soooooooo busy that I couldn't even find the fire to blog-slash-whine about it! How crazy is that, I ask you???

So adieu, dear readers, for now. I'm going to go stow away a few bucks to start saving for vacation. I'm also gonna dig up my famous/favorite recipe for Blue Cheese Flan (prepare to die in the essence of blue cheese!) to share with ya'll soon.

In case anyone is worried, please don't fret. It's one of those exhausting days that melts away with sleep and all of the fluffy love and sweet dispositions of mommy-hood return with the rise of the sun.

~ Simone

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