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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sporty Mama says Say It With Pride!

It's true. I'm officially blogging about my experiences I have had when participating in my son's sporting events. Why? do you ask? WHY relive each moment with pride?

Truth is, I'm pretty sure that parent-driven sports for the youth could be one of the most amazing psychological experiments ever. And I intend on exposing each experience in hopes of shedding light for some of the mothers out there who just don't get "it."

"It" is when you cock your head in mass confusion over dad's going insane in the bleachers over a bad call. "It" is when coaches near heart-attack status red-in-the-face from kids not trying hard enough. "It" is when you see moms inch dangerously close to cat fights demanding a wrestling tub filled with Jello all because their son had their feelings hurt for some so-called secret reason by an ump.

This blog will hopefully not bore you and if all else fails, perhaps it will entertain. But let's use this as a forum for discussion in the wild world of SPORTY MAMAS and figure It out!

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