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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Raising Money Sucks. New BBQs Rule.

Our All-Star team is going to State next weekend.  Crap.

I've hit up all of my business contacts and it's starting to get a little on the lean side over here...

Thus far, we've lost at least three families who'll be sending kids w/o parents (cheaper), and raised approx $1,000 - give or take. I've got a few friends who probably don't answer my calls anymore since they think I'll ask them for more money and I'm pretty sure I've lost a few prospective new friends just from hearing about my begging for cash.

Five days left of begging and then DONE until next season! YAY!

On to bigger and better news... we've acquired our new baby in the family. It's a rockin' 5 burner w/sear Gas Grill + a separate charcoal box smoker, both straight from heaven. I love you, Grill God. May you all be blessed always with yummy, grilled meat. Mmmmmmm.... It's a good day.

For fun and a bonafide droolin' with jealousy opportunity, see the new baby HERE! (I know it's no Ferrari, but she makes me happy nonetheless!)

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